Mercytree International Foundation dedication is to provide free medical care in rural communities of Africa, To reduce the high maternal, and infant mortality rate, infectious diseases, and malnutrition. To educate and train on the importance of first responder or emergency care, as we continuously reflect on the impact of our programs on the communities and find ways to improve the quality of care and services we provide.

Accountability to the patients we treat, the doctors, the nurses, the people that work with us all over the world, and those that support our course are the core of our identity as an organization. We strive to be as open and transparent as possible with our work and how we spend money. We work to ensure that all members of staff behave responsibly and respectfully, adhering to our Staff commitment Policy.


Accountability and Self-examination

As an accountable organization, we are always willing to review, analyze, and critique our operations constantly, at all levels.

The Foundation regularly examines the impact of our services and programs, to know what we got right, what we got wrong, and how to meet the need of those that depend on us.

There may be some instances where our services may be against community customs and traditions or do more harm than good, which is why we will continually examine if any or all our services are improving and saving lives rather than jeopardizing our primary purpose. Being accountable means that we must continuously measure how these principles are being implemented on the ground.

We continue to encourage internal debate and discussion, as well as user experience gained for future insights.


Accountability and Our Structure

As a Foundation, we continuously reflect and evaluate our institutional structure. While a majority of our staff focuses on our day-to-day operations of in rural communities of Africa, we also have a dedicated group of senior staffers that are focused on working environments, circumstances and its effect on our projects. Their goal is to reflect on projects and offer recommendations on how similar situations should and will be handled in the future.


Accountability & our patients

As we strive to improve the quality and scope of medical care and services, we will always share our research findings, and data when we believe it will inform international protocols or policies and improve the standards of care to other people or region. We work to help revolutionize the treatment of HIV and other diseases in resource-limited rural communities in Africa, prevention and treatment of malnutrition in chronic settings, carrying out of mass vaccination campaign during a measles outbreak, and most importantly, train the communities on the fundamentals of first aid and emergency medicine

We do not stop at providing medical care or first aid training; we’re looking to discover the factors and dynamics that led to the crisis. We regularly ask the tough questions: Why are some groups unable to access medical care? Why are specific tools or medications not available? What is the lifestyle of people that get affected by disease outbreaks? Why is a particular disease resistant in some areas? Why are specific agreements or players preventing medicines from getting where they’re needed most? As problem-solvers, we seek to discover and find ways to overcome these obstacles to treatment.


Accountability & finances

Our commitment to openness and transparency extends to our financial operations. To maintain our independence, we may not take government funding. It is individual donors like you that make it possible for Merctree International Foundation to save lives by adhering to our principles of independence, impartiality, and neutrality.

In emergencies, epidemic or disease outbreak, we don’t have to wait for government funds to be released or other outside approvals. Instead, we can focus our energy on getting necessary medical treatment to those who need it most as rapidly as possible. In situations where a quicker response often means lives saved, this independence makes all the difference.

Our donors fuel the delivery of medical treatment to the people who need it most, no matter where they are or the crisis. Donor funds pay for consultations, operations, procedures, medications, vaccinations, and training. Because donors are such a vital part of our mission, we readily make our financial information available.

Every penny spent at Mercytree International Foundation is subject to a rigorous accounting system, with all the information logged and shared with our board members as well as our donors. We’re proud of the way we put your dollars to use. More than 85 percent of our expenditures go to our lifesaving medical programs.

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