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Mercytree International Foundation places great importance on the power of collaboration, as seen in our partnership support program. We partner with small organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa’s heartlands, leveraging our collective efforts to serve underserved families and communities more effectively. These collaborations allow us to expand our reach, deepen our impact, and gain unique insights into the specific needs of these communities.

We extend our partnership beyond resource and support provision to aid in fundraising efforts. Recognizing that financial constraints can often limit smaller organizations; we work alongside them and our broader network to raise funds for their programs. We organize fundraising events, establish crowdfunding campaigns, and leverage donations to ensure these organizations can continue their impactful work unhindered.

Our partnership support program is about more than expanding our influence; it’s about fortifying the local organizations and nurturing a sense of shared responsibility. At Mercytree International Foundation, we believe that our collaborative efforts can bring about more significant change, reaching more families, serving more communities, and transforming more lives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Destiny Center for Destitute - Guinea

Some of these children’s parents also managed to cross over to Guinea during the civil war in Sierra Leone and Liberia and they finally decided to stay and start a new life in Guinea after losing their families and properties in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

I decided to become their best friend and bring them together.

Upon that base, I decided to start the DCD Foundation and search for financial support and staff to transform the lives of these vulnerable/destitute children as they have no hope in their lives.

And most of these children’s parents fled from Sierra Leone and Liberia and finally decided to settle their lives in Guinea where some of them are facing persecution.

Some of these women were fortunate to marry men in Guinea. When their husband or loved one dies, they end up facing another persecution from the husband’s family.

As foreigners, they will be told to leave their homes. Many women end up in a situation with their children begging and searching for domestic work to earn a living.

I am praying  and wishing as the founder of the DCD and the DEA to meet people  who will  be in touch and come to our aid to transform the lives of these children for a better future

PeacEdu Initiative - Rwanda

PeacEdu Initiative Rwanda is a non-governmental organization registered in Rwanda “No 847/RGB/NGO/LP/08/2022” located in Eastern Province, Kayonza District that is engaged and dedicated to preventing genocide and mass atrocities through Education.

PeacEdu is more focused on healing the wounds caused by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, storytelling, teaching peace education, and tolerance working closely with vulnerable genocide survivors and perpetrates who confessed their role during the Genocide against the Tutsi to better improve their lives, reconciliation, and peacebuilding.

Its goal is to foster a peaceful co-existence among young people, we equip youth with Human Rights Education where youth are trained to be human rights defenders starting from where they stay to the community in which they live as champions of humanity as well as being the positive change in the society. We equip rural residents and youth with training knowledge and skills that develop their capacity for thinking, empathy, and personal responsibility to reject violence.

And help them gain skills and opportunities to grow socially- economically, where we equip the community with skills of entrepreneurship and saving skills finally, we teach genocide studies with a great emphasis on the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi to build a tolerant society with the hope of a better future without hatred.

Across Maasai Land Initiative - Kenya


Creating peace between the Maasai and elephants

Across Maasai Land Initiative {AMLI} is a community-based organization created to mitigate the perennial and un-desired conflict between the Maasai and elephants. To achieve this goal, AMLI is working to create peace between the Maasai and elephants to enable them co-exist peacefully. The main purpose for creating the peace is to address the long-standing community grievances that are the main causes of conflicts between the Maasai and elephants. The community grievances include; lack of tangible conservation benefits to the community, lack of enough and separate water points for villagers and elephants and the tedious process of claiming compensation for deaths and injuries from elephant attacks and destructions. The situation is further compounded by lack of indigenous knowledge to enable the younger generation to co-exist peacefully with elephants.

The peace between villagers and elephants leads to creation of an elephant economy to generate alternative income for villagers, an effective and timely compensation program that is responsive to community needs and educating one generation of 20,000 rural Maasai children on the 12 golden indigenous knowledge rules and wisdom to enable the younger generation co-exist peacefully with elephants.

Across Maasai Land Initiative is currently mitigating the threats to elephants by providing diesel to pump underground water for elephants and villagers in Indupa village, Kajiado County in Kenya. Prior arrangements have been made for villagers to use the borehole water during the day and elephants at night. However, when elephants hear the generator running during the day, they know that water is ready for them at the borehole and they walk in to drink the water. This is a big challenge that requires flexibility and vigilance on the side of villagers because you cannot tell elephants to keep their time.

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