Partnership Support

Mercytree International Foundation places great importance on the power of collaboration, as seen in our partnership support program. We partner with small organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa’s heartlands, leveraging our collective efforts to serve underserved families and communities more effectively. These collaborations allow us to expand our reach, deepen our impact, and gain unique insights into the specific needs of these communities.

We extend our partnership beyond resource and support provision to aid in fundraising efforts. Recognizing that financial constraints can often limit smaller organizations; we work alongside them and our broader network to raise funds for their programs. We organize fundraising events, establish crowdfunding campaigns, and leverage donations to ensure these organizations can continue their impactful work unhindered.

Our partnership support program is about more than expanding our influence; it’s about fortifying the local organizations and nurturing a sense of shared responsibility. At Mercytree International Foundation, we believe that our collaborative efforts can bring about more significant change, reaching more families, serving more communities, and transforming more lives in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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