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Ready to make a meaningful impact with your product donations? Please fill out the form below as completely as possible, and we will promptly get in touch. We understand you might not have all the details right now, but don’t worry—every piece of information helps us begin the process of making a significant difference.

Provide whatever information you have, and we’ll guide you through the rest of the details later, ensuring a smooth and efficient donation process. Your contribution does more than just help—it serves as a vital support line to those who need it most.

Thank you for choosing to partner with Mercytree International Foundation. Together, we’re dedicated to delivering hope, health, and prosperity to communities throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Your generosity is the first step towards transformative change. Thank you for being part of this vital journey.

Please contact us at 1-916-909-4876 or email with any questions.


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The donor has made a pledge to donate inventory to Mercytree. Donor warrants that, to its knowledge, the Donation is free of any defect or risk to health and safety, or any violation of any law, regulation, or requirement. Donor agrees to the following: Donations will be used by Mercytree to help support their charitable mission. Mercytree will make reasonable efforts to use the donation in any of our locations or facilities; Mercytree may also use the donation for other charitable purposes or donate to other charitable organizations. Should the Donor discover any defect or risk in the donation, the Donor should notify Mercytree within five days of discovery.
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