Donate Real Estate

🏠 Donate Real Estate, Create Lasting Change 🏠

Do you own a property that’s become more of a burden than a blessing? Do you want to transform a piece of land into a lifeline for communities in need? At Mercytree International Foundation, your unwanted real estate can become a powerful force of change across rural Sub-Saharan Africa.

🌍Turn Your Property into a Lifeline 🌍

Your real estate donation will fuel our ongoing efforts to deliver vital medical services, education, and humanitarian aid to disadvantaged communities. By donating your property, you’re not just offloading a burden, you’re creating a beacon of hope for those who need it most.

💰 Maximize Your Impact, Minimize Your Taxes 💰

Donating real estate to Mercytree International Foundation is not just a generous act—it’s also a wise financial decision. You may qualify for a tax deduction based on the fair market value of your property, potentially reducing your tax liability while making a significant difference in the lives of others.

🚀Simple Process, Monumental Difference 🚀

We’ve streamlined the process to make your real estate donation as straightforward as possible. Our team is ready to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition from your possession to a lifeline for communities across Africa.

Join us in this innovative form of philanthropy! Donate your property to Mercytree International Foundation today, and let’s transform lives, one acre at a time.

Visit our website or call us at 1-833-956-3729 to get started. Your property, their hope – together, we can make a world of difference.

Benefit to Donor
Avoids a long, complicated, and messy selling process.
Maintenance upkeep issues resolved.
Capital gains tax issues eliminated.
Deduct full market value now, not what they paid for it in the past.
Leave a lasting legacy.
Donor Bargain Sale Benefit.
Donor/Seller Receives BOTH Cash and Charitable Tax Deductions.
Benefit to Individual Donors
Property management issues.
Tax relief.
Mortgage relief.
Debt relief.
Preserve wealth for heirs.
Lower transfer expenses.
Providing social capital for various Nonprofits.
Benefit to Realtors
Normal commissions.
Consulting fees.
Performance bonuses.
Listing advantage.
New client base (Nonprofits).
National referral opportunities.
Public relation exposure.
Benefit to Mercytree
Cash proceeds from accelerated real estate transactions.
Exit strategies from the straight donation.
Rent/Lease property (cash flow).
Seller financing.
Ownership of office facilities.
Benefit to Investors/Third Part Buyers
Acquiring Properties at Significant Discounts.
Fast, Accelerated Transactions.
New Source of Lead Generation.
Benefit to Individual Donors (Tax Liabilities)
Deduction for Federal Taxes.
Capital Gains Avoidance.
Income Tax Savings.
Benefit to Partners
In-Kind Donations.
Joint Ventures.
Join the
Be the part of the change