Donate Real Estate

Benefit to Donor
Avoids a long, complicated, and messy selling process.
Maintenance upkeep issues resolved.
Capital gains tax issues eliminated.
Deduct full market value now, not what they paid for it in the past.
Leave a lasting legacy.
Donor Bargain Sale Benefit.
Donor/Seller Receives BOTH Cash and Charitable Tax Deductions.
Benefit to Individual Donors
Property management issues.
Tax relief.
Mortgage relief.
Debt relief.
Preserve wealth for heirs.
Lower transfer expenses.
Providing social capital for various Nonprofits.
Benefit to Realtors
Normal commissions.
Consulting fees.
Performance bonuses.
Listing advantage.
New client base (Nonprofits).
National referral opportunities.
Public relation exposure.
Benefit to Investors/Third Part Buyers
Acquiring Properties at Significant Discounts.
Fast, Accelerated Transactions.
New Source of Lead Generation.
Benefit to Individual Donors (Tax Liabilities)
Deduction for Federal Taxes.
Capital Gains Avoidance.
Income Tax Savings.
Benefit to Partners
In-Kind Donations.
Joint Ventures.
Benefit to Mercytree
Cash proceeds from accelerated real estate transactions.
Exit strategies from the straight donation.
Rent/Lease property (cash flow).
Seller financing.
Ownership of office facilities.
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