Donate Real Estate

Benefit to Donor
Avoids a long, complicated, and messy selling process.<br /> Maintenance upkeep issues resolved.<br /> Capital gains tax issues eliminated.<br /> Deduct full market value now, not what they paid for it in the past.<br /> Leave a lasting legacy.<br /> Donor Bargain Sale Benefit.<br /> Donor/Seller Receives BOTH Cash and Charitable Tax Deductions.
Benefit to Individual Donors
Property management issues.<br /> Tax relief.<br /> Mortgage relief.<br /> Debt relief.<br /> Preserve wealth for heirs.<br /> Lower transfer expenses.<br /> Providing social capital for various Nonprofits.
Benefit to Realtors
Normal commissions.<br /> Consulting fees.<br /> Performance bonuses.<br /> Listing advantage.<br /> New client base (Nonprofits).<br /> National referral opportunities.<br /> Public relation exposure.
Benefit to Investors/Third Part Buyers
Acquiring Properties at Significant Discounts.<br /> Fast, Accelerated Transactions.<br /> New Source of Lead Generation.<br /> Volume.
Benefit to Individual Donors (Tax Liabilities)
Deduction for Federal Taxes.<br /> Capital Gains Avoidance.<br /> Income Tax Savings.
Benefit to Partners
Sponsorships.<br /> In-Kind Donations.<br /> Joint Ventures.
Benefit to Mercytree
Cash proceeds from accelerated real estate transactions.<br /> Exit strategies from the straight donation.<br /> Rent/Lease property (cash flow).<br /> Seller financing.<br /> Ownership of office facilities.
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