Dr. J. Bankole Thompson
Vice President, Program Director

Dr. J. Bankole Thompson is a global strategist and entrepreneur involved in the conception of how human development, health, wellbeing, and significance is impacted by the pressures of living in a space-time age with specific application to the African diaspora and its place on a world stage. He holds advanced degrees in medicine and science from the world-renowned University of Michigan. He has worked in basic science teaching, basic science research in molecular pharmacology, graduate medical education, private medical practice, and acute care medicine. Dr. Thompson, MD, PhD enjoys writing, teaching, and innovating concepts/processes in medical science and a range of other disciplines. He was instrumental in creating such concepts and processes during the 2014 Ebola epidemic response in West Africa as part of the Sierra Leone Action group that advocated for the use of Convalescent Serum Therapy in treating Ebola victims in Sierra Leone. As an entrepreneur, he pioneered a community-based primary care approach to successfully take care of patients with multiple mental health challenges that kept them out of the hospital environment. Dr. Thompson resides in the great State of Michigan with his wife and family where he further engages in a wide variety of volunteer activities including serving on the Commission of Ministries of the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan while actively practicing acute care medicine.

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