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John A. Shanahan
Partnership Program Director


Research and design of nuclear plants for extreme events in the USA. Licensing consultant for Swiss Nuclear Power Plants Leibstadt and Kaiseraugst.

Software development for the petrochemical industry in Switzerland and Germany.

Consultant for the Department of Energy in the USA for environmental cleanup. Manager and designer of a multiple contractor relational database system for DOE.

Development and operation of websites for global public education about the importance of fossil fuels, nuclear power, and their by-products for the modern world, the environment, and preservation of wildlife habitat. We work with professionals in many fields, students, teachers, and leaders in business and government in 124 countries. There is an International Board of Advisors. We work with over 1000 professionals in energy, climate science, environment, and government policies.

Retired professional engineer, civil engineer: Bachelor’s 1962, Master’s 1964, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA.   Dr. Ing (PhD) 1969, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

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