Community Ambassadors

Our field partners are also our Community Ambassadors. Our Community Ambassadors represent the Foundation in their various communities. They ensure the completion of projects through various fundraising programs. Their fundraising provides support and needed contribution to the Foundation projects and programs. This relationship is built on mutual goal and interest; the Foundation or the Ambassador can decide to end the relationship at any time. The Ambassador’s contribution makes it easier for the Foundation to plan and execute programs, respond to emergencies, and crisis.

Community Ambassadors support also makes it possible for us to minimize our fundraising costs so that we can put more of our resources directly to those who need us most. They provide resources required for the Foundation to act quickly in a crisis or unexpected situations.
Our Community Ambassador have exclusive access to our events, programs, activities, including invitations to live events and teleconferences with our staff, and board members. They also receive our quarterly program updates featuring striking images and stories about the work they are making possible in communities.

Our Community Ambassadors organize events or fundraise in coordination with the Foundation. The Foundation provides resources and materials as needed.

The Foundation board of directors determines the roles and responsibility of the Community Ambassadors, which includes:
1. They represent the Foundation in their community
2. They operate with the guidance of the Foundation
3. They can serve as board members
4. They can work independently but with supervision and coordination of the main office
5. They act as the foundation liaison officers
6. The Foundation assists with registration in their city
7. They maintain a webpage in the foundation website with their personalized email address
8. They can also make recommendations for a board member position
9. They will participate in most program or projects decisions
10. The ambassadors can choose to support a project or all projects

Being a Community Ambassador is an excellent way to partner with Mercytree International Foundation to bring your community together and fundraise to help us build a healthy, active, and vibrant African.

There are countless ways to host a fundraiser that is perfect for your community and imagination.
Silent auctions
Art exhibitions
Movie screenings and many more fun ways

Our customizable fundraising page streamlines the process for you. You will be able to:
Have a personalized webpage with a linked to your fundraising campaigns
Track your fundraising donations in real-time
Promote your event on our social media and website
You will have access to email and letter templates resources to reach out to your family and friends.
To get started on your fundraising event, choose one of the options in the form below.
If you’d like to hold a work fundraiser, the corporate team will work with you.

Have questions about setting up your event? Please contact our fundraising events team at 1-833-637-2901 or

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