Who We Are
A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families and communities in Sub-Sahara Africa live a healthy and prosperous life.
Our Mission is to build a strong healthcare culture with community initiatives in rural Sub Sahara Africa
Our leadership secret is our passion, love, and desire to selflessly serve those in need.
Thanks to our non-profits partners in other countries of Sub Sahara Africa, we are able to provide
Our Community Ambassadors represent the Foundation in their various communities

We provide free healthcare services for the less privileged in rural Africa communities.

We place value in bringing free quality medical services to poor communities in Africa, to inspire hope and contribute to a healthy well-being, and to enhance their quality of life.
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What We Are Doing

Africa is faced with many factors constraining the delivery of a health care system
The community mobile clinic will provide the needed medical services in rural communities of Africa
Africa First Responder Initiative is designed to provide first aid training in African communities
An unattached donation to any particular project is also accepted
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