Humanitarian Support

At Mercytree International Foundation, we are steadfast in our commitment to providing humanitarian aid as an important program for addressing malnutrition, hunger, and poverty within rural communities of Sub-Sahara Africa. We work to alleviate the challenges of malnutrition by directly supplying essential food resources and nutritional supplements. Our efforts extend to establishing long-term solutions such as launching agricultural initiatives and educating the communities about nutrition, promoting sustainable self-reliance.

Our humanitarian work includes a broader approach aimed at reducing hunger and poverty. This includes immediate hunger relief through food distribution, while we also focus on facilitating economic empowerment. We organize skills training, create employment opportunities, and support local businesses. The goal is to break the poverty cycle and foster economic growth.

Our humanitarian support also serves as a relief in crisis, such as medical emergencies, famines, natural disasters, or pandemics like COVID-19. We deliver emergency food supplies, medical assistance, and shelter, ensuring affected communities receive the critical support they need. During pandemics, we provide access to healthcare services, protective equipment, and conduct disease prevention education to ensure community safety.

In sum, Mercytree International Foundation’s humanitarian aid is a path of hope for rural communities. Our commitment involves standing shoulder-to-shoulder with these communities during their most challenging times, striving to alleviate hardships, bolster resilience, and lay a solid foundation for future prosperity.

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