Mobile Clinic Alaiyi

The outreach is at Alaiyi Obollo, located in Imo State in the eastern region of Nigeria. Our medical outreach Program is bringing transformation. This initiative is bringing new hope for rural communities and families, one life at a time.

The benefit of our outreach medical program lies in the personalized medical services we provide, catering to the unique needs of each individual. From administering essential healthcare to distributing medications to last three to four weeks, we ensure a continuum of care that extends beyond our visit.

However, our mission doesn’t stop at general health. Recognizing the crucial role of vision, we have provided more than 90 villagers with prescription eyeglasses, enabling them to experience the world with renewed clarity. Noting the need for stronger prescriptions in some, we returned two weeks later to distribute 10 additional pairs, leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of comprehensive eye care.

At Mercytree International Foundation, we are not just providing healthcare; we’re creating ripples of change in rural healthcare access, one community at a time. Together, let’s continue to touch lives and illuminate hope through our medical outreach Program.

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