Hospital Visits

We are unwavering in our pursuit of ensuring healthcare services accessibility for Sub-Saharan Africa’s underprivileged communities. One critical initiative is our commitment to local maternity clinics and motherless babies’ homes, where financial constraints often limit access to necessary care. We always strive to make maternal and child healthcare a universal right, not a privilege.

Our dedicated healthcare professionals frequently visit these facilities, providing not just medical care, but also support aid. Their role encompasses providing essential postnatal services in maternity clinics and ongoing care for motherless children, prioritizing their safety, health, and overall wellbeing. Yet, the vastness of this mission necessitates a united effort.

We extend an open invitation to compassionate individuals, organizations, and institutions to join us on this noble journey. Your contributions, in terms of financial aid or volunteering, can broaden our impact and bring care and comfort to more lives. Together, let’s ensure that new mothers receive the postnatal care they need, and motherless children find solace in our support. Align with Mercytree International Foundation and create a tangible, positive impact on the lives of Sub-Saharan Africa’s most vulnerable.

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