Denise Raymond
Director, Government Affairs and Corporate Relations
Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Master of Psychology in Psychopathology

Academically, Denise Raymond brings to the team a Bachelor of Science in Communication and a Master of Psychology in Psychopathology. Denise is a Social Entrepreneur and is CEO of Community Concepts NPG (CCNPG), an Independent Consulting Firm. CCNPG is a multifaceted firm with a dedicated team of Social and Human Service Consultants that assist in the distribution and facilitation of government funded benefits and programs throughout South Carolina (SC, United States of America).  The firm’s work is both meaningful and gratifying and has resulted in the following professional experiences:

Contracted services with the SC Department of Housing to disburse government funding for utility and rental assistance via the COVID 19 CARES Act grant funding.

Treatment Team Coordination/ Family Defense Advocacy for the Department of Social Services and the South Carolina Department of Indigent Defense to assist families with agency involvement in the development and implementation of treatment/performance plans towards the outcome of family reunification.

For the United States Center for Disease Control, we have worked on the SC Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) to impact the overall health and wellbeing of minority communities most heavily impacted by diabetes.

The South Carolina Department of Disabilities has solicited our expertise to assist their clients in the development and creation of life plans to increase independence and soft skills.

Grant funding from the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce has allowed the provision of WIA (Workforce in Action) Services and job development training.

Efforts with the Social Security Administration has assisted local Audiologists to conduct the psychological evaluations required to award reciprocity to Vietnam War Veterans suffering from hearing and tinnitus related auditory health concerns.

Certification was bestowed by the SC Department of labor and Licensing for contractual agreements with Department of Health and Human Services to test the quality of vended drinking water.

Academic institutions such as the University of South Carolina (USCA) have partnered to provide Continuing Education Courses for Managing and Understanding Dementia and Heart Health Instruction.

Workforce and Development Training at Aiken Technical College has allowed STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics instruction to youth with aspirations towards the latter mentioned career goals.

Excitedly, Community Concepts NPG has embarked upon expanding its reach internationally. Through collaborative efforts with our partners, we have been instrumental in shipping much needed medical supplies to the rural and often desolate areas of Nigeria.

In all endeavors, Denise Raymond believes in the power of thought. We must each regard our thoughts as the real “things” they are. Thoughts only being limited by our imagination, navigated by the power of our tongue, and realized by the behaviors derived from our emotions and fundamental beliefs.

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