Joseph Samoura
Partner, Guinea


I was born and raised in the northern part of Sierra Leone, West Africa.

During the civil war, my parents and elder brother were killed, and our house burned down. They were in the house.

I was out playing with friends when rebels attacked our home and village.

There was no way for me to return home or see my parents anymore.

I was rescued by an old man who managed to escape with me. We walked on a bush road to another village where we stayed for almost a year. Then that village was also attacked by the rebels. They killed many people. We escaped again and managed to cross over to Guinea.


I was living with this old man in Conakry, the capital city of Guinea.

After a year the old man was seriously sick with so much pain due to the suffering he went through during the war in Sierra Leone. He died in nearby hospital.

After the death of this old man, life became more difficult for me, and I had to jump on the street again sleeping in an unfinished building and

eating waste and left over food from people.

I was later rescued by another man who took me home and introduced me to his family. I lived with them for a few years.


During my life on the streets in Guinea and later rescued by a man who took me home to his family, I continued going round to meet other children living on the streets and eating waste and left over food. I shared my story with them and listened to their stories which are very sad.

Some of these children’s parents managed to cross over to Guinea during the civil war in Sierra Leone and Liberia. They decided to stay and start a new life in Guinea after losing their families and properties in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

I decided to become their best friend and bring them together. With that base, I decided to start the DCD Foundation to find ways to transform the lives of these vulnerable / destitute children as they have no other hope.

Most of these children’s parents fled from Sierra Leone and Liberia and decided to settle in Guinea where some of them face persecution.

Some of these women were fortunate to marry Guinean men. When their husband or loved one dies, they end up facing another persecution with the husband’s family. As foreigners they are told to leave that home. The woman and her children are forced to return to begging and finding domestic work to support themselves.

I’m praying and wishing as the founder of the DCD to meet people who will be touched and come to our aid to transform the lives of these children for their better future.


Destiny center for Destitute (DCD) is working since 2014 with an authorization from the Guinea Government, it’s a nonprofit foundation which is primarily focused on improving the lives of destitute children by reducing suffering, especially by social reform through humanitarian work.

The foundation aims to work in the field, or orphanage, schools, and skill training centers.


Identify destitute children who need aid in Conakry, Guinea, with an openness to expand to other areas.

Initiate and develop general humanitarian assistance to destitute children in collaboration with the competent authorities in place.

Provide education for destitute children.

Put in place a home for the protection and assistance for orphans and semi-orphans.

Put in place facilities to help or intervene in desperate cases. Reduce the high percentage of juvenile school dropouts.


We direct resources to strengthen the capacity of destitute children to better meet the needs of their community, so that the children who are victims of situations and circumstances they did not create, are well prepared for a promising future.


The problem of orphans and street children has become acute due to the rapid urbanization of Conakry. There are thousands of homeless children living on the streets of Conakry, many specific reasons and realities exist that cause an increased number of orphans and street children. Some of the reasons are internal conflicts, rebel wars in neighboring countries, HIV/AIDS, Ebola, imprisonment of fathers and/or mothers without a trial, re-marriage of deserted /widowed /divorced women, and unwanted pregnancy of sexually exploited girls.

The culture dictates that a widow, who is left without help, is obliged to remarry a brother of the late husband. It is not always obvious that her children will get support from that brother who may have already more wives and children. Many of the refugees from neighboring countries do not have family around. These orphans and street children are left without care and support. Orphans and vulnerable children are always confronted with immense psychological and social problems. Considering the harmonious development of society, we should be taking care of the concerned children. Therefore, we envisage supporting these children by providing education, care, and protection.

Presently we are facing a great challenge in paying the monthly rent for the school building, payment of teachers, food for children, school uniforms. These are the main challenges we are facing now.



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