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Sub Sahara Africa has many factors constraining healthcare delivery. These include limited infrastructure, training, or unwillingness of its government and politicians to invest in the health sector, lack of policy initiative, and corrupt bureaucrats. There is a lack of a holistic healthcare system in rural communities of Sub Sahara African.

Unfortunately, these rural communities have an increased incidence of high maternal mortality rate, high infant mortality rate, stillbirth, low life expectancy, high spread of infectious diseases, and exposure to chemicals, unhealthy foods, and lack of medical awareness and resources. With little or no help, these health issues remain a persistent threat and a dual burden on these rural communities, as they lack resources to handle such a health crisis.

More than 90 percent of hospitals and medical centers in Sub Sahara African countries are in cities, while Less than 10 percent are in rural communities. More than 85 percent of those that live in rural communities live below the poverty line and have no means to pay medical bills, thereby making it hard to attract medical clinics and hospitals.

The initial goal of Mercytree Foundation was to focus on maternal and pediatric health. But solving rural communities’ health challenges can only work through a holistic approach that considers the whole family. Improving healthcare services in these rural communities will enhance their economic productivity and quality of life.

Having medical clinics in strategic locations around communities will help make our services more sustainable and easily accessible. It will solve the problem of prolonged illness caused by a lack of follow up care management. Having a clinic available will prevent such setbacks. Our goal is to build six clinics in 12 communities while providing care for over 3 million by 2024

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